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There’s a lot of tragedy in the world, from the Gulf Coast to Baghdad. To me, this blog has always been a way to escape from the incomprehensible horrors of reality into the more acceptable horrors of the supernatural. Although I’ll continue to post occasional pleas for money for worthy causes and rants about the insanity of world affairs, I find comfort in returning to the abnormal and I hope the readers of this site agree. From the East London and West Sussex Guardian:

RATIONALISTS beware, Chingford is one of the most haunted places in the country and a ghost may patrol a home or hotel near you.

Disembodied footsteps, a mysterious man on horseback and the ghost of a woman killed in a hotel fire at the beginning of the last century are among the phantoms inhabiting the cemeteries, byways and hostels of the area.

The Guardian has taken a number of calls recently from people claiming to have “heard” things and felt “strange” in the vicinity of Chingford Mount Cemetery.

We contacted local paranormal experts Eerie Investigations, who confirmed the burial site’s spectral reputation.

Ian Pleasance, an investigator with Eerie, said: “The cemetery is known for being haunted and many people have reported sounds of footsteps walking on the grass behind them, even though there was no-one present.

Very spooky article well worth reading in its entirety.

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Worthy sentiments, my friend. The nightmares our brethren to the South are experiencing are unimaginable.

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