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Anne Rice
Anne Rice is writing your life.

Which Author’s Fiction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hat tip to BeaucoupKevin.

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7 Responses to “Anne Rice”


Didn’t need Quizilla to figure that one out. I ended up with Robert Heinlein — Stranger in a Strange Land.


I am so not surprised by either of our results. Mine is spot on and your’s might even be more appropriate if that’s possible. 😉


Anne Rice here also. 😉


Yeah! I’m in great company!

cookie jill

Flannery O’Connor for moi.

Guess I should have answered “blood” on the what are you drinking question….


That’s probably the one dividing line on that quiz between Rice and O’Connor.


Ernest Hemingway here. I rather expected that from the way I answered the first question.

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