FCC approves vampire sex

<  FCC approves vampire sex

The Federal Communications Commission has approved vampire sex scenes:

The Federal Communications Commission has denied a Parents Television Council indecency complaint against a sex scene in an episode of The WB Television Network’s drama, Angel, that aired on WBDC(TV) Washington, D.C., and other affiliates of the netlet. The WB no longer airs the show.

The complaint involved a scene in the Nov. 19, 2003, broadcast in which a couple are apparently having sex. PTC described it this way: “Spike is on top of Harmony, their clothes are on, but his body rocks back and forth and their breathing is heavy. She tries to speak, but he tells her not to spoil the moment. Her eyes start to bleed, and suddenly she turns into her vampire self and bites his neck.”

The FCC concluded that the sex scene was not patently offensive because it was brief, contained no nudity, and was not sufficiently graphic or explicit.

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One Response to “FCC approves vampire sex”


I wonder what do the right wingers do. Watch TV all day? and get obsessed by past episodes? How come no one protested in 2003?

If these people devoted a fraction of their spare time helping their fellow humans as they do policing the media, the world would be a better place.

It is comforting to know the sex life of vampires can be shown on TV. We’ll get to know all we want about the Bushes, the Cheneys, the Gonzales, etc.

Wait, vampires are creatures of evil but not that evil. I’d rather not watch the Misadministration’s antics or I will be turned to stone when watching so much evil.

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