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I am a huge Robert E. Howard fan and I finally got to watch the 2009 film Solomon Kane, which tells the origins of Solomon Kane. Even though it’s not based on one of Howard’s stories, I think it’s incredibly faithful to the character Howard created in 1928 and is the best adaption of a Howard character (he authored Conan the Barbarian for those unfamiliar with his work). I also listened to the DVD commentary from director Michael J. Bassett and lead actor James Purefoy and it is a delight. Hopefully there will be sequels, it was planned as a trilogy, because it is sword and sorcery done seriously and with great action, acting, and set designs.

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Sounds good! I’ll have to see if that’s streaming…

Larry Kollar

I’ve only read (actually, heard via podcast) one Solomon Kane story, but it was enough to make me want to write something like that. I ended up serializing Joab Dower in the Great Cedar Swamp on my blog, and the readers both loved the story and loved to hate the self-possessed, self-righteous, misogynistic MC. 😉


This is now on Netflix InstantWatch. It never fails. If I wait a long time for the DVD to come out on Netflix or have it in my queue for ages (this was one I had on the Save feature for ages) as soon as I watch and return the DVD it goes up on InstantWatch. 🙂

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