Mom, RIP

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She went in for knee surgery in July and came out with pneumonia. While taking an X-ray of her lungs, they found a suspicious mass. It turned out to be cancer. The surgery to remove it went successfully but she again contracted pneumonia and one thing led to another.

The doctors’ said she had a fighting chance to beat it.

My sister held the phone to Mom’s ear and I told her I loved her and I appreciated everything she had ever done for me and that I looked forward to seeing her soon. She’d been sedated for days while on a ventilator so I don’t know how much she heard me. My sister said Mom nodded her chin slightly as I spoke. Recovery was expected to take weeks and my plan was to go down later.

But it was not to be. Around dawn, her blood pressure and vitals sank. Right before she took her last breath she opened her blue eyes and looked at her husband. Then she was gone.

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John W. Morehead

I have yet to lose a parent so I can only guess what this is like. You are in my thoughts my fellow LOTTD member.


This is very sad, and our thoughts are with you. It is good to know that you did at least have the chance to speak with her one last time, and to express your love and gratitude.


I am so sorry, Carnacki. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.


Oh i am so sorry!!!! My old best friend might loose a parent soon too… I will pray for you and your family!!!!!!!!! Just dont forget how mich she loved you and try to remember all the memories from when she was with you cause sometimes people sortta forget them.

Im thinking of u!!!!

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