The strange and dark death of a goth

<  The strange and dark death of a goth

The City Paper of Washington has an interesting tale about the life and gruesome death of a local goth legend.

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Weird and sad. I moved from DC around the same time he was getting established there, so while I’m sure I’ve got second- and third-degree connections to him, I don’t remember if I ever meet Dirk.

There are (or were) quite a few houses like his in that immediate NOVA area, places for various self-selected tribes or clans of goths, punks, queers, and various permutations thereof. They were definitely prone to… drama.


Despite the tragic nature of this story, it was compelling to read. The vivid and creative nature of the central character came through – as well as the instability and destructive aspects of that lifestyle. I hope that Dirk’s family and near ones can be comforted in their loss.

For those with supernatural interests, there were slight hints of possession and evil influences in the story of the killing. I wonder if all the people concerned were “all there”.

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