Lucy, RIP

<  Lucy, RIP

Our beloved dog Lucy has passed away. If there is a heaven, she is running through the fields of the Lord.

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6 Responses to “Lucy, RIP”


So very sorry to hear that. A family member had a dog named Lucy who had to be put down this past weekend so my heart goes out to you and your family.

rip Lucy


Thank you, Anita. She was a great dog.

Ms Harker

I’m so sorry for your loss, sending healing vibes to you and your family.


Home from vacation. Sorry to hear about Lucy; our litter is having some problems and we lost two out of seven so far, with another one hanging on. Maybe Lucy will be their heaven-mom.


i sorry about your lost ;( i lost my dog today


I did not read this until today, but I know well how such losses linger. Best to you. Do you still get notified of replies? If so, please contact me.


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