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Here’s the link to The Howl of the Werewolf, which was followed by The Disloyal Vampire. The latest, which is still untitled, begins tomorrow. I began it earlier this summer then stuff happened and I put it aside and am going to put up the first chapter tomorrow. Since I usually try to have more written before I begin posting I’ll really be writing by the seat of my pants to meet my posting deadlines. But hopefully that’ll keep me motivated and focused.

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It’ll work out. I wrote the first half of FAR Future that way; I missed a couple of weeks in the early going but then hit my stride. About halfway through, I got far enough ahead to stop worrying about the occasional month or so of no progress.

You did a pretty good job of keeping me guessing with Disloyal Vampire, btw… I won’t go into details here lest I spoil it for someone else who comes along.

You might want to get on Twitter & use the #fiction and #shortstory (or #ebook) hashtags to get some publicity going. I’ve been tweeting links to each episode of FAR Future as I go, but without the hashtags. I’m going to try tweeting with those & see what happens.

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