Condemn the use of white phosphorus

<  Condemn the use of white phosphorus

As founder and spokesman of the Vampire Defense League, I strongly condemn the use of white phosphorus against the living and the Undead. From the comments at The Washington Post:

“They used US taxpayer dollars to incinerate 1,400 women and children with white phosphorus weapons.”

That was a very important battle in Israel’s ongoing war with its troublesome vampire population. There are many more efficient and cheaper ways to kill 1400 humans, but for the vamps, few things are better than flaming white phosphorous. Of course the undead survivors would try and turn the PR around against the forces standing up to them.

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That is such a witty and well thought out comment. The best of gothic humour! It makes one laugh, but it does not make light of the original event, and it makes a serious point as well.

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