Drag me up the ramp to hell

<  Drag me up the ramp to hell

I really wanted to see Drag Me To Hell this past weekend. But on Friday my wife mentioned how much trouble our dog Lucy was having getting up the back steps. I took her to the vet and we got her started on medicine for her Lyme disease and two pain pill prescriptions, one for her arthritis and the other a general pain medication. The vet wants to take X-rays to see if bone cancer is involved, but the vet also said the X-rays would be academic. At Lucy’s age, she’s nearly 12, we wouldn’t want to do anything that would lessen the quality of her life when it isn’t likely to prolong her lifespan. So I spent the weekend going to the lumber store and then came home and built her a ramp. Lucy didn’t like it. So I went back to Lowes and bought outdoor carpetting to make it non-skid and added rails to the side to make it more secure. She still won’t use it although when she went up when I lead her it was much easier for her than going up the three steps.

It’s not the angle of the ramp. The ramp has a much gentler slope than the commercial dog ramps for older dogs. In any event, she has a deluxe ramp waiting for her when she does decide to use it. By the time I finished building it and then getting my yard and garden work done, I was too tired to go see the movie. I’ll have to wait until next weekend.

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2 Responses to “Drag me up the ramp to hell”


Awww, poor Lucy. Dogs, especially old dogs, aren’t terribly keen on even beneficial changes to their living arrangements. Or she just could be playing the cur-mudgeon, going “I’m not crippled, dangit!”

Just lead her up & down it a few times, she’ll get used to it & then you can catch the movie on DVD. 😉


My wife used pushed the grill to block the stairs and used lunchmeat to lure Lucy up and down them. The ramp really is much easier for Lucy to use. Hopefully she’ll get used to it soon.

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