‘The Opera Ghost really existed’

<  ‘The Opera Ghost really existed’

The Bad Hair Blog has a great post on The Phantom of the Opera novel by Gaston Laroux and the many movie and stage adaptions that followed.

The Phantom of the Opera story, while originally a horror tale, is in a sense a retelling of the French folk tale of Beauty and the Beast, and of course of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (the book written by Victor Hugo in 1831, not the Disney movie).

Go read the entire post here or at the Blogger News Network here.

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4 Responses to “‘The Opera Ghost really existed’”


Glad you enjoyed, Benjamin, and thank you!


You’re welcome. Thanks for writing about the O.G. as Gaston would say.


I just started reading the book, and like it, too. The Phantom’s named Erik, and he looks a lot like Lon Chaney’s version.


I meant to add that I saw the Andrew Lloyd Weber version of the Phantom of the Opera in London in 1994 at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Ethan Freeman was the Opera Ghost and I recall a review said he was a much “sexier” version of the Phantom than Michael Crawford. It’s the only musical I’ve ever seen on stage.

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