Embers the size of bricks

<  Embers the size of bricks

Imagine them raining down on you…flying everywhere on the gusty 40-70 mile per hour winds. Hovering helicopters shining down bright lights and blaring a warning sound. The smoke clogging up your nostrils and choking your throat. The feel of your blood pulsing through your body is echoed in your ears. Bum Bump. Bum Bump. Bum Bump. Faster. Faster. Driving across town to a safer place is like driving through a snow storm in hell. The heat increasing in ebbs and flows and white ash so plentiful it blurs your ability to see where you are driving. Fear starts to creep into your psyche. True fear, not the Hollywood version of “boo” and fake gore. It starts to creep into your stomach and creates an ache of incredible depth. You keep swallowing to keep the fear down…then you realize you are dehydrated…your eyes, nose and throat are bone dry from the heat. Your only thought is to get out…get out…as far as possible. And, then when you are out, you think of all you left behind. Memories. Photos. History. Stuff. Then you start worrying about your friends and pray they are OK.

Forget War….Wildfires are Hell.

The Tea Fire in Montecito

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I hope you stay safe. You need to move to less flammable neighborhoods. This is becoming nearly a yearly event in your neck of the woods. Is it nature’s way of telling us something’s wrong?

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