Next project underway

<  Next project underway

As I mentioned earlier, I finished the last chapter of The Howl of the Werewolf. Chapter 14 will go up Friday and Chapter 15 on October 3rd. I took a brief break from writing on the train to catch up on some of my podcast subscriptions (I find it nearly impossible to listen to a story on the headphones and write my own story at the same time). I’ve finished one chapter and am about halfway through the second with a third mapped out. This will probably (hopefully?) be a shorter story (The Howl of the Werewolf ended up being 22,806 words long). I don’t know when I’ll begin posting the still unnamed next story. But I will say this: it is much scarier.

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22K words? Oh, that’s maybe a novella. 😉 But congrats — “The End” must be two of the most satisfying words ever typed…

I figure FAR Future will run novel-length — 70K words, or maybe longer — before it’s done. I’ve been writing a few non-related short/flash stories in between episodes; maybe a few of them will show up at my place once I’ve wrapped up the current project.

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