Talk Like a Pirate Day

<  Talk Like a Pirate Day

So, um… talk like one. Or not. But for today, at least, the site’s been piratized…

edit @ 23:27 PDT – okay, close enough to midnight… putting this toy away until next year 🙂

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Hahaha. The Howl of the Werewolf is even better now

Go,” Nellie told Beau as he looked down at that comely wench unbelievably pale face. “Follow Lucy.”

Beau rushed out th’ door and down th’ stairs at a run, with a chest full of booty. When he came t’ th’ ground floor, he turned down a hall and ran out th’ back door. Outside Nellie’s flat, he switched on his torch and found th’ werewolf’s blood trail easily. Aarrr, pass the grog! The ornery cuss scanned th’ sky quickly, but did not see Lucy flyin’ above that scurvey dog.

Beau followed th’ blood at a jog and scanned th’ alley and th’ skies warily. The trail went on fer several blocks, crossin’ empty rivers devoid o’ boats and pedestrians. Too much time had elapsed. The ornery cuss should have given chase immediately instead o’ standin’ by helplessly as Lucy drank from Nellie. Lucy had drunk slowly from Nellie because o’ that comely wench weakness from that comely wench own blood loss. As more o’ Nellie’s life’s blood flowed into that comely wench, Lucy grew stronger. Beau watched as th’ gapin’ wound in Lucy’s back closed with just th’ faintest line visible.

The ornery cuss had gently taken Lucy and pulled that comely wench back from Nellie just as Dr. Walk the plank! Fire the cannons! Paine entered. Nellie stirred as Lucy sprang fer th’ window. Beau were bein’ torn betwixt stayin’ by his matey’s side and followin’ after Lucy and th’ werewolf.

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