Vampires need better PR

<  Vampires need better PR

I’d seen the True Blood web site and cryptic messages on different vampire sites and thought it looked extremely cheesy. Even as obsessed as I am with all things vampire, it didn’t hold or grab my interest. Which does not bode well, in my opinion for the television product behind it. From The New York Times:

HBO’s new vampire series from Alan Ball, the Oscar-winning writer behind “American Beauty” and the hit series “Six Feet Under,” will not start until September. But for a select group of horror film enthusiasts, the story has been under way for weeks.

On May 21, HBO and Campfire, a small independent agency founded by two of the creators of the 1999 film “The Blair Witch Project,” began sending cryptic letters in black envelopes sealed with red wax to people who might generously be described as pillars of the goth community: horror film bloggers, subscribers to the horror movie magazine Fangoria and the like.

The letters were written in dead languages like Babylonian and Ugaritic, but — to no one’s surprise — the recipients duly pitched in to translate them. The group effort, carried out on blogs and message boards, led to a macabre Web site guarded by a beautiful vampire, where visitors could view short prequel episodes to HBO’s new series and learn about a product called Tru Blood that obviates the need for vampires to feast on humans.

The campaign for the show, “True Blood,” based on a series of vampire books by Charlaine Harris, is shaping up to be the most extensive that HBO has ever undertaken.

By the time the program begins, the promotional effort will be four months old, having required the full-time attention of six Campfire employees who are monitoring message boards, maintaining a fake blog and coordinating the precisely timed release of new materials. In addition, 20 freelancers are working on other technical aspects of the campaign. HBO and Campfire began plotting the effort in February.

Hope the television series is much better than the marketing. The disappearances of the vampires in the ongoing online storyline seemed more campy than bloodstirring.

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2 Responses to “Vampires need better PR”


I’ve seen the pilot. It’s fantastic.


I read the first book of Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mysteries, Dead Until Dark and I just recently saw the first episode of “True Blood” and it was rotten. Very HBO…almost Skinemax worthy. The book was immensely better. However, if you enjoy cheesy hillbillies (the opening of the first episode) and nudity with some vampire thrown in, you might enjoy the series. If you can get past Anna Paquin and the gigantic gap in her front teeth…plus…Stephen Moyer? Definitely not Bill.

This is just my opinion, though, and I thought I’d share. To each their own.

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