The terror of helplessness in a smoke filled city

<  The terror of helplessness in a smoke filled city

The sunset was blood red tonight. The smoke from the fire is creeping down off the hill. Power was off for several hours, affecting approximately 140,000. Nowhere could I get information on what was happening, no internet to surf for the latest information as we all here in California have been doing since the fires began. Here, in Santa Barbara, since yesterday afternoon when, yet again, we are face to face with another fire teasing us with potential county wide destruction. (We had Zaca last year.)

Nowhere on the radio could I find out what was happening and why the power was out and how far the outage was reaching. All that was on the dial were baseball games, syndicated right wing radio talkshows and a rebroadcast of Larry King. Finally, between rock/pop songs, one DJ had the temerity to mention, briefly, that there was some sort of power outage affecting the downtown area. (No mention of the Goleta and Carpinteria areas that apparently were affected, too.)

Finally the radio station is broadcasting actual news to use. Two hours after the fact. Edison says that their power lines were affected by the smoke created by the Gap Fire. Ah…yeah. The local TV station has a little crawler across the bottom of the screen…”stay tuned to KEYT for more news…” Seems the safety of the city isn’t as important as broadcasting “Wife Swap.” Maybe if part of the City burns down they can film “City Neighborhood Swap.”

Why should we even care or worry about “terrorists” attacking us? We might never find out because our Emergency Broadcast System has been sold out for commercial interests. Why tell the public about what they can do about their safety when there is money to be made in syndication and advertisements.

I can handle the fire. I can handle using the windup radio/flashlight. (In an earthquake kit, of course.) It’s the terror of not knowing what really is happening that is the most frightening.

If the power remains on…I’m emailing the FCC. Tomorrow I’m phoning. It’s time for local, neighborhood informational radio stations to turn to for aid…and comfort.

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