Wave of Mutilation

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A couple of months ago, we wrote about the running-shoe-clad severed feet that were washing ashore in the same general area in British Columbia. Evidently it continues…


VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Another human foot was found Wednesday on a British Colombia shoreline, the second this week and the sixth within a year in a bizarre mystery that has confounded police.

(My apologies for the pun; we’ll have to toe the line somewhere…)

[Update: 5:59PM PDT 19 June 2008 – This one’s a hoax.]

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That’s nothing compared to the pun cascade they were running on The Register. “Something is a afoot,” one of the police officers said.

But don’t you feel like an utter heel anyway?

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Yeah, I used the ‘afoot’ one last time; I was going to write something about the 5th foot when it was found a couple of weeks ago, but I got derailed when I couldn’t come up with a good pun…

So no, no regrets. 🙂


The police are really tied in knots on this shoe investigation. I hope they can bring the case to the finish line soon.

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See? I just got off on the wrong foot.


Now a certain Press service that does not want Associated with bloggers is reporting that the cororner is calling it a “hoax.” That the latest foot was an animal paw stuffed inside a running shoe.

Maybe. Or maybe it was a werewolf this time who lost his foot after a transformation…it’s possible.

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Hoax, my foot!

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Okay, it’s looking like it’s a hoax… Darn. A good title and puns wasted, wasted I tell you!


What about the other four? One sole hoax doesn’t make the entire issue walk away.

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Not four others, five. I thought I toed you that already.


Looks like the killer remains on the limb, I mean lam.

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