My face feels numb

<  My face feels numb

A while back I had some serious back trouble. Turns out degenerative disks in my lower spine. One of the things my neurosurgeon recommended was to drink a glass or two of wine or beer or a shot of whiskey (he didn’t actually mention whiskey but I figured, you know) so my muscles wouldn’t be tense and compress my disks. Every time I went to the doctor for my back, my blood pressure was up. The doctor figured it was the pain and gave me more pain pills. Then after physical therapy helped cure my back woes it turned out I actually had high blood pressure. One of the things the cardiologist recommended to help lower my blood pressure and cholesteral was to drink a glass or two of wine.
Now usually I’ll drink a glass of beer. sometimes wine. Sometimes a shot. But this week really really sucked so I drank a bottle of wine that’s been in the back of the fridge for a while. I was out of beer. Usually I drink the 7 ounce bottles of something. Wooooo….

I can’t believe I’m typing this well. I haven’t been this tipsy in a long time. There was something I wanted to say, but I can’t remember it. Any way, don’t drink and blog. But I love you guys. No really.

I remember, Denzel Washington is really good in The Fallen. It’s on. Goodnight.

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Haha, I’ve been there. It’s amazing how well you can type when smashed… sure, you have to go back & correct more typos than usual, but hey!

I remember in those primitive days before the Internet, I put away four rum & cokes and got to typing. The story was coming out, but my fingers kept wandering off the keyboard. 🙂

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