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Continuing the folkloric monster series:

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The Beast of Gévaudan, from Wikipedia:

The Beast of Gévaudan (French: La bête du Gévaudan) was a mysterious wolf-like creature that terrorised the former province of Gévaudan (modern day Lozère département), in the Margeride Mountains in south-central France from about 1764 to 1767. Many attacks took place – between 60 and 123 humans were killed – and debate continues as to the Beast’s true identity. [1] The story is a popular subject for cryptozoologists and conspiracy theorists.


The Beast was described as being a wolflike creature the size of a cow, with a wide chest, a long sinuous tail with a lion-like tuft of fur on the end, and a greyhound-like head with small straight ears and large protruding fangs. The creature was said to have red fur, and a peculiar black stripe that ran down the length of its back.

Sounds a bit like my dog Lucy, except she’s not eaten any humans (that I know of).

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This is the monster that inspired Brotherhood of the Wolf, a great flick if you’ve never seen it. One of the secondary stars is Mark Dacascos, perhaps better known to your viewers as the Chairman on Iron Chef America.

Yet another ~THUD~ useless fact.

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Yet another ~THUD~ useless fact.

Useless fact? No such thing!

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