When life sucks more than vampires

<  When life sucks more than vampires

Even the published vampire authors have it hard. Jemiah Jefferson, author of A Drop of Scarlet and other vampire novels:

Sorry, everybody. I’m just barely holding it together. I haven’t written anything in days and I’m starting to lose my mind – no, I’ve lost it. More than anything it’s that bleak terror of feeling like I’m never going to write again. Not true, but… man, general 21-Century American life is not conducive to the writing life.


Anyway, I will NOT be attending this year’s Vampires Masquerade Ball, because I am too poor to be able to look good enough to get in the door (I’m sure that’s not what the organizers of the event mean to convey, but seriously, of COURSE it’s a status contest). I will NOT be attenting World Horror Convention. I will NOT be going to Book Expo. I will NOT be going to see Duran Duran play in Seattle.

I live on the cusp of poverty, and the only way out is hard, extensive work. So I’m going to get on it.

Now I’m even more depressed.

Still, she’s not giving up and I’ve always been terrible at quitting.

Although there’s a lot of reasons to be depressed.

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