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I have a few wax cylinders I found in a wooden box years ago along with newspapers and other items from the 1890s. For a long time I have held the theory that vampires would be like most people when it comes to music. That is, the music they would listen to most is the music they grew up with in their formative years. As the decades come and go, they might find new musical interests to join their old ones but would still hold on to their favorite songs and performers from the past.

For the Victorian-era vampires out there – or those interested in them – here is a great collection of cylinder recordings from the 1890s through the early part of the 20th century.

Hat tip to jabonko.

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News story fyi.

The phrase ‘bodysnatching mastermind’ isn’t something that’s in the headlines every day.

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Dude the artistic designs on those labels are amazing. Any chance of some close ups?


harmonfb, thanks for that.

cavalaxis, a large version available for download is here.

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