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I hate when my offline life gets in the way of horror blogging. On the personal side, my oldest daughter is responding well to the IV antibiotics. The blood work showed no liver damage, which is a possible side effect of the treatment, and the doctor said her feeling better right away is a positive sign that the treatment might be working. It’s a 28 day treatment, a significant number for horror fans.

Meanwhile, Lucy, the guard dog extraordinaire, killed yet another groundhog. The groundhog was large and put up a heroic struggle, yet Lucy prevailed. She’s quite proud of herself.

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One Response to “Blood work”


Good for Lucy! And your daughter too!

Our mutts regularly do in possums & squirrels, judging by the remains dragged into the yard. Groundhogs around here will run up a tree & wait out the dogs, although one time a dog treed a groundhog & I shot it down. The dog was thrilled! (so was the garden)

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