Busy days

<  Busy days

Sorry for the lack of updates. Running a phony draft campaign for president to embarrass billionaire’s Mike Bloomberg’s phony draft campaign is time consuming. Anything going on in the world that I missed? My favorite comment so far:

Go Carnacki! We hate you, but you’re better than Mike!

Makes me feel like a real presidential candidate.

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3 Responses to “Busy days”

Andrew MacRae

Hey, I work on the real effort to Draft Mike Bloomberg at UniteForMike.com – and our logo is way cooler!

protected static

But… you’re competing with a pseudonymous vampire hunter.


Get a grip.


static, I think Andrew must have been ironic since no one sober could believe the Draft Bloomberg logo comes close to being as cool as Draft Carnacki’s. You never know though, if someone is supporting Bloomberg for president it could be drugs.

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