Marine dog retired to spend life with fallen Marine’s family

<  Marine dog retired to spend life with fallen Marine’s family

I’m a big softie when it comes to dog stories:

A U.S. military dog whose handler and best friend was killed in Iraq gets a new assignment on Friday — retirement with the late Marine’s family.

Marine Cpl. Dustin Lee, slain in Iraq in March, with his dog, Lex, who is going to live with Lee’s family.

It took months of lobbying by the family to get the adoption approved by the military.

Lex was beside Cpl. Dustin Lee when Lee was killed in a mortar attack in Falluja.

In spite of his injuries, the dog didn’t want to leave Lee’s side after the attack, according to the Marine’s father. Other Marines reportedly had to pull the dog away from the young man’s body so medics could reach him.


Lex had been stationed in Falluja for nearly five months before the fatal attack. When the Marine’s body was returned to Quitman in March, hundreds lined the streets waving American flags to say a tearful goodbye. And Lex was there.

In Albany on Thursday, kennel master Mike Reynolds led Lex through his paces for the last time in his military career. But it’s time for the old pro to learn some new tricks in civilian life. In a ceremony Friday, Lex will join the Lee family.

Jerome Lee said he hopes Lex’s presence will make his other two children feel closer to their missing older brother.

“There’s always going to be that missing link with Dusty gone,” he said. “But part of Dusty is here with Lex.”

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