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Sadly, No! has done an excellent job with the debunking and de mocking of Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism.”

But I really liked this by commenter Flying Fox:

I wish I wish I wish one of my High School history teachers was still alive. I had the luck to take a class senior year with a WWII veteran who (I swear, I am not making this up) looted HItler’s Munich residence. The teacher, Mr. Brownlow, focused on setting the stage for WWII. He taught about everything he considered relevant to WWII, and went back deep. Frederick the Great, Marx, Clausewitz, WWI etc. There were a few things he had very little patience for (but patience he had, he never lost composure) and they mostly involved things he went through. He used to tell us not to say “hate” is in his presence b/c he had blundered into a death camp. He used to chew out people for bandying about the tersm Nazi and Fascist. He kept saying “Don’t you tell me what hate is. I’ve seen hate. Pure hate. I’ve never seen anything else like it with my own eyes and I don’t have to. I remember it too vividly. Don’t tell me you hate something unless you’ve seen that.” Mr. Brownlow wanted us, above all, to understand why WWII happened the way it did with one exception, the one thing he could not understand. The Holocaust. I keep reading these posts hoping Mr. Brownlow’s memory will fill me, and my judgement will tell me exactly how to respond. BUt so far, nothing yet. The bloggers and commenters are doing well enough without Mr. Brownlow I think. I don’t want to attack Jonah phycisally. It isn’t worth it and it makes us all look bad when someone types it. I feel like we shouldn’t even call him names. Tripe like this, dealing with shit like this is why I went to school. It’s why I study history.

Jonah, I want to take you to Mr. Bronlow’s grave in Arlington Cemetary. If I could, I’d show you what his classroom looked like. He had models and portraits made by students of things and people he covered, he had trophies and memorabilia from the war. With this book Jonah, this disgusting act of cynicism, you disrespect everything Mr. Brownlow stood for and everything he believed in. He taught at a private school by the way Jonah. You have disrespected a man who taught for fifty-seven years because he believed that was the only way to make good on the victory he fought for, that his officers and his men fought and died for. But maybe Jonah, you would be glad to disrespect a man who once joked he would vote Communist because only they admitted they wanted to take his money. Wouldn’t you, Jonah, you cynical heartless man?

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