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Well, okay – coffin cheesecake is far more accurate… But would you have clicked if the title was “Coffin cheesecake”? I think not!

An Italian coffin manufacturer has, well… I’ll let Ship of Fools describe it:

Every year, Cofanifunebri, who have been making coffins, funeral urns and other deathware in Rome since the 1960s, produce what amounts to the Pirelli Calendar for morticians, undertakers and – who knows? – zombies, too, probably. Semi-clad Italian lovelies drape themselves over sturdy coffins, offering an invitation to help them secure the lid more securely.

It’s not that it’s NSFW – it’s pinup-style cheesecake, after all. It’s just that you might get some… looks for oogling the sultry woman with the coffin. That in mind, Miss January is, as they say, below the fold…

Cofanifunebri's pinup calendar girl, Miss January 2008

Hat tip to Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s post about Ship of Fools’ The 12 Days of Kitschmas, 2007.

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3 Responses to “Coffin pr0n”


I liked Ms. October best but the coffin in December really knocked me out.

protected static

perv 😉

Cofani funebri

C ‘vraiment incroyable de voir comment un produit est destiné à des rituels religieux, nous pouvons prendre plaisanterie.

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