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Anyone else raiding their kids candy stash now that they’re in bed? What’s your favorites?

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It’s still early-ish in these parts… We’ve still got an hour or so to go.

(I love Snickers, myself…)


Daughter Dearest took her big bag of goodies upstairs with her! But she was kind enough to let me pick through it before she went to bed.

I like those bite-sized Snickers bars, Nerds, and the little roll of wafers (the 1/4 inch ones, not the Necco).


I like the Willy Wonka Soda Bottle Caps.


The great thing about having a two year old is that they really don’t know what’s in their candy bucket. The six year old? Has all his catalogued and recorded, and if I eat one tiny piece of gum, he’ll know. The two year old? Blissfully ignorant.

Oh, and tiny Heath bars. (And peanut M & M’s. And how convenient…she can’t eat either of them because they’re choking hazards. nomnomnom.)

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