I cannot believe…

<  I cannot believe…

…that it is mid-October, and we haven’t posted a single cemetery image! Not one! Zero! Zip! Nada! Bupkus!

So I thought I’d remedy the situation with this pic, taken by a kayaker who paddled around Puerto Rico this summer. Never met the guy, but I read his blog every now and then, and I loved the image when I found it in his Flickr set of Old San Juan. (Click on the photo to see the full set… All of his sets related to the trip are here.)

Broken tombstone, San Juan, PR

(I’ve got another good cemetery photo lurking in the wings, but I’ve been too scattered lately to get around to it. Real Soon Now, I promise.)

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2 Responses to “I cannot believe…”

Randal Graves

A fabulous find. On first glance, the imagery struck me as some long lost William Blake engraving for some reason.

protected static

Thanks! He’s got some other nice ones in that set, too…

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