BREAKING: Dems WANT to lose 2008

<  BREAKING: Dems WANT to lose 2008

Through a secret source, I was just sent this story that’s breaking on the wires. I’ll post a link as soon as available.

I’m going to post as much as I can while trying not to break the site’s rules on copyright violations.

The Times

WASHINGTON – Congressional Democrats unveiled tonight that their vote on resolutions condemning and lackluster efforts to end the Iraq war were part of a plan to lose the 2008 election.

“ has done much to help Democrats win so we had to attack them,” said one Democratic Hill staffer. “They’re upsetting our best efforts to lose.”

Congressional Democrats fearful that polls and many prognosticators have predicted a major victory for Democrats in 2008 are doing their best to turn the possibility of a landslide for them into a crushing defeat.

“We hate the thought of winning,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “I can’t believe people haven’t got that message yet. We’ve done everything but tattoo it on our foreheads. What’s it going to take for people to realize we like being in the minority party?”

Democratic bloggers said they’ve known of the Congressional Democrats desire to throw what should be a favorable election year for Democrats into a loss.

“They couldn’t be showing so little regard to their own base by accident,” said one blogger, who asked not to be named. “We know they’re trying their best to throw the election. The flaw in their plan is we’re so pissed off at them we want to make sure they win just to spite them. The bastards. We see a Democratic victory in 2008 as a two-fer: a chance to foil the best efforts of Congressional Democrats and Republicans.”

Update: more from the article

Senate Democrats said the anti-war sentiment that swept Democrats into power in 2006 had to be countered with today’s vote on Iran.

“Look at what Senator [ Robert C. ] Byrd’s anti-war votes in the past did for him in the 2006 election,” said Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.). “He won in a landslide. From my recent statements it looked like I had learned my lesson from my mistakes regarding Iraq and torture. I had to do do something radical to show that I had not.”

Other Senate Democrats said their Iran votes today were cast for a similar reason.

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Randal Graves

Why does all the snark seem so much like the truth these days. 🙂

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