A new Da Vinci conspiracy?

<  A new Da Vinci conspiracy?

This is interesting. From the London Daily Telegraph:

New claims that Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper contains a hidden image of a woman holding a child are provoking a storm of interest on the internet.

The figure allegedly appears when the 15th Century mural painting is superimposed with its mirror image, and both are made partially transparent.

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2 Responses to “A new Da Vinci conspiracy?”


why forums ….the answers are all around you just look at things closely enough and for more than 10 seconds and the answers you all seek will become clear….. i did it a long time ago and i am only beginning to understand what our ancesters ment and thrust me its not all so funny and sweet …. hint why is it that at the main entrance of the notre dame (paris) the figure that is supposed to be god has the holy symbol of the cross on its left hand side and a weapon (spear) at is right side ……. and why is the spear the only item of the entire sculpture that is made of a different material and why is it hollow… belive me you do not have to be a proffesor to guess what i am thinking ………………. this is just one of the thousands of strange hints and they are all around you so i say go to an old monument in your region and find out for yourself… greets


P.S. the iron decorations on the doors of notre dame are supposed to be hand made by a vampire ????

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