Bubblegum cards, mad monsters and the weird

<  Bubblegum cards, mad monsters and the weird

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I get emails fairly regularly from people asking me to pimp their blog or their movies on demand. I try to be supportive. If I think it’s something the readers will like, I’ll do it. When the PR people offer to send me movies or books to review, I only agree if it’s something I think I’ll like. Many other bloggers do a much better job with reviews and I’m often time starved so I’m going to do it only if I’m certain I like it. There was one book that I was certain I was going to love, an archaeologist writing on many of the same sites I’d love to visit. Unfortunately the writing was so dry and scholarly that while the book was intended for a general audience, it just was unreadable. And I hate writing negative reviews. Oh, I love reading them, but when I try to write them I always feel like my writing, which normally flows very easily, becomes forced. So that’s why you so rarely see negative reviews here.

So I have two emails today from people, one a PR person for new horror movies on Video On Demand. They’re not my type of movies (no vampires or werewolves), but others might like them so I put up the notice but don’t ask for a review copy.

The other email is from a guy who runs three web sites (how does he find the time?) and asks me to put links to them.

Bubblegum-Cards really isn’t my thing but I can understand why people would like collecting them.

Weird Encyclopedia is nicely written, a quick reference source for people looking on information from the Akashic records to Yeti.

Mad Monsters though is AWESOME. Movie stills and posters, monster magazine covers.

It’s one of those sites I could spend more time than I can afford just clicking through images.

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Oh, I can SO relate. There are a lot of books I won’t take for review just because I have a limited amount of time and I’d rather spend it on books I’ll enjoy. Partially because reviewing needs to remain fun for me, or I know I won’t be able to keep doing it. And partly because, yeah, as much as negative reviews can be fun to read, I really don’t enjoy writing them. I’ve written a few of them when I really felt I had to, and certainly I won’t hold back if I think a book is awful, but I just don’t enjoy saying “wow, this author’s work is crud” when I know they’re likely to read that. Whether or not it’s true, it still isn’t enjoyable to have to write.

Todd F

Thanks a lot for the mentions of my websites.

Yes, I do need to get out of the house more often…

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