But, but, but… Won’t someone think of Bat Boy?

<  But, but, but… Won’t someone think of Bat Boy?

I can only find two references to the Weekly World News on The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire, but still – given their influence on pop culture, I was saddened to read that WWN will be shuttering both their print and web operations in early August.

Enjoy “The World’s Only Reliable Newspaper” while it lasts.


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3 Responses to “But, but, but… Won’t someone think of Bat Boy?”

Randal Graves

More truth in each issue than in a randomly chosen David Brooks’ column.


LOL…although using David Brooks sets the bar rather low.

Randal Graves

True, but no matter which wingnut one picks, the bar is scraping the bottom of a barrel that’s been buried about 20 feet under the earth. 🙂

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