Man faints during lecture on testicle jabbing

<  Man faints during lecture on testicle jabbing

Ouch…before I link to the story, I want to mention if you ever get the chance to visit the Hay on Wye Literature Festival, you really should. (Note to self, post my story about it soon.) From Ananova:

A man fainted at the mention of a testicle jab during a talk by a fertility expert.

Professor Robert Winston interrupted his presentation and leapt from the stage to help the man, reports the Daily Mirror.

Lord Winston rushed to his side and shouted for attention. He looked on as a colleague intervened before resuming his talk at the Hay Literary Festival.

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Cookie Jill

Well…I nearly fainted today at the grocery store. I was glancing at what sort of meats were available and somehow ended up looking at eye level at cows feet with hooves still attached.


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