Not all ghost towns in the West

<  Not all ghost towns in the West

From WBAL-TV in Baltimore:

In rural Maryland, towns have vanished so completely that not even the husks remain.

The former town of Tyrone in Carroll County is an example.


There are dozens of lost villages in Carroll County alone – communities that exist only in the fading memories of older residents.

Wakefield, Bethel, Ebbvale and Watersville were once associated with thriving communities. Some of those names remain on maps, road signs, street names, church names or parks, but the characteristics that made those locations a village have faded away.

An 1877 county map lists more than 30 post offices in towns and villages, and nearly as many small communities that did not have a post office. In 2007, there are less than a dozen post offices and the handful of surviving unincorporated towns exist, at best, in name only.

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Plenty of those here on Planet Georgia as well. Juno and Auroria come to mind immediately; the latter was the early center of the gold rush. A (closed) general store and historical markers remain at both sites; Juno also has an operating church.

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