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Someone should read it before they try to “prove” they are a “Prince of Darkness.”

Manchester police have charged a 21-year-old man after they said he scratched a girl’s face with his fingernail to show her that he was a vampire.

Police charged David Holden with attacking a 14-year-old outside the Mary Cheney Library Tuesday. –

Mary Cheney Library??….this couldn’t be named after the daughter of a “Prince of Darkness” could it?

Nah…it’s not.

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I felt the urge to reply to this when I came across it…two of my ex’s dated this idiot and he was the biggest douchebag you’d ever meet. He tried to tell the judge and reporters and shit that the over 50 underage girls he slept with made him feel like part of their group when in fact he was getting them drugged up so he could fulfill a sick urge for minors. The whole vampire bullshit he never said before the cops showed up and he never claimed to be “goth” or a devil worshipper until he was arrested. I think someone was hopin they could plead insanity so they could serve time in an institution instead of a prison because I’m sure the other inmates weren’t too thrilled when they found out why he was there.


Thanks for the info Lymnades

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