Ghost hunters investigate tavern

<  Ghost hunters investigate tavern

From The Scotsman:

Spirit Finders, Scotland’s answer to Ghostbusters, were on a mission to detect signs of paranormal life lurking amidst the bar stools of this Glasgow institution.

The five-strong crew arrived in the witching hour with an entourage of cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, ‘ghost detectors’ and temperature sensors to seek out the dead.

And it wasn’t long after last orders before spirits ran high.

“He’s over there!” said Shania, a self-declared psychic ‘white witch’ and key member of the group, which travels across Scotland investigating what they claim is the country’s ghost community. “I can see his shadow. He’s medium build and moving towards the cellar now.”

Silence. Everyone glances around in the dark. Then some rattling noises emanated from inside the cellar. It had been empty when it was locked.

A man had killed himself in the cellar in the 1970s.

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this is also odd but i think that it was a powerful force and was made to mislead you. Also to make you belive DO NOT BE DECIVED it is not wise to trust these noises and it is also a fact that it is not the dead x

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