‘We study you’

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Ghost Finders Scotland investigated the Highland Hotel in Doune.

The Highland Hotel was formerly made up of five residences that have now been converted into one building. There are many reports of past paranormal activity. The figure of a dark haired woman has been witnessed on the stairs, a man wearing blue overalls has been spotted on a few occasions walking through the restaurant and in the bottom floor toilet before disappearing, the apparition of a large dog was witnessed in room 6, footsteps are heard regularly through the hallways, smells of pipe tobacco in the living room area, bottles moved and cutlery disappearing in the kitchen area, people hearing their names being shouted when nobody else is there, and a human bone that was found in one of the walls mysteriously disappeared.

Lots of EVP recordings.

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this is not what you think it is this is caused by satan the devil and his followers, yes you have a right to fear but be strong and pray for protection to jehovah god! read the bible, and answer to the witnesses

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