Yo Ho Ho Ho…A Pirate’s Ship Found at Sea

<  Yo Ho Ho Ho…A Pirate’s Ship Found at Sea

Blackbeard’s ship…just might have “come in.”

Ten years of research has led to the “inescapable conclusion” that a shipwreck near Beaufort is the flagship of Blackbeard the pirate, a state historian said Friday.

Lindley Butler, historian for the Queen Anne’s Revenge project, said the size of the sunken ship, the number of guns it carried and the artifacts recovered from the site strengthen the connection to the pirate.

Historical records indicate that Blackbeard sank the Queen Anne’s Revenge off the N.C. coast in 1718. – The Sun News

So far, about 15 percent of the shipwreck has been recovered including jewelry, dishes and thousands of other artifacts.

The items are being preserved and studied at a lab at East Carolina University, and eventually more will become available for the public to view, Claggett said.

Nearly 2 million people have viewed shipwreck artifacts since 1998, including at a permanent exhibit at the N.C. Maritime Museum in Beaufort and at a maritime museum in Paris, project officials said. – Winston-Salem Journal

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Argh, me hearty! If I make it to Ocracoke in September or October, I might have to board that museum.

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