El Camino De La Muerte en Bolivia

<  El Camino De La Muerte en Bolivia

Highly recommended scary TV viewing on, of all places, The History Channel.

Travel high into the Andes to a road that has more deaths per mile than any other byway in the world. This steep and bumpy road plunges almost 2.5 miles in the four hours it takes to drive it, and those who choose to make the journey will endure an often extremely narrow path that hugs the mountain as it snakes through dramatic, verdant scenery. Twisting between waterfalls and rocky overhangs, the road is unprotected, making near death an almost constant travel companion. A fatal accident every two weeks is not uncommon, and by 1995, the road was commonly referred to as world’s most dangerous road.

They were saying in the program that the locals believe the road is haunted and some ghosts wander the road, beckoning travelers and enticing them to drive off the road for no reason.

There are some people who actually bike this road!

There is no way in Hades you would get me up there. I had a hard enough time watching it on TV. I have a hard enough time going up to Big Sur.

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I feel like I have at least one near death experience a week on my commute on the interstate highways I travel. Either a speeding tractor trailer will nearly run up on my back bumper or a distracted motorist will decide to occupy the space in my lane that I’m in that I feel like I have to be constantly at my peak driving to avoid high speed collisions. Great posts. You’ve really been on a roll.

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