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I cross posted the Robert A. Wilson news at other sites. I wanted to highlight a comment at one of them:

This diary really touched my heart, Carnacki,

for my own personal reasons.  Making my treks down to the cancer center can be scary for lack of a better word and so I do what I can to keep things light.  Going back to the time I had my bone marrow biopsy done, I had the doctor, the tech who was reading the slides and the nurse laughing.  We were all there doing our respective parts, but the air in the room was sad and heavy.  I couldn’t have that and so I made some silly commentary as they were working so hard to break through my hip bone to retrieve my marrow.  I’ve interrogated my “blood crew” intensely as I secretly suspect they’re vampires and have told them that I’ve got someone “in the know” prepared to flush them out when the time is right.  (That would be you!)  My hematologist/oncologist is a very reserved man, but I keep things light with him as well and he finds me delightful, something he put in writing to my family doctor.  (I think it’s because I’m the only woman patient he’s got who wears Chuck Taylor hightops to my appointments.)  We do what we have to to get through the more difficult situations in our lives.

Dreaming of Better Days is one of the nicest people you’ll find on the Internets.

Courage is a word often misused, particularly by politicians and pundits in describing themselves. How she deals with the cards she has been dealt, now that is courage.

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