Parrot amazes scientists, shows signs of telepathy

<  Parrot amazes scientists, shows signs of telepathy

The BBC covers the amazing details:

The bird, a captive African grey called N’kisi, has a vocabulary of 950 words, and shows signs of a sense of humour.

He invents his own words and phrases if he is confronted with novel ideas with which his existing repertoire cannot cope – just as a human child would do.

N’kisi’s remarkable abilities, which are said to include telepathy, feature in the latest BBC Wildlife Magazine.


In an experiment, the bird and his owner were put in separate rooms and filmed as the artist opened random envelopes containing picture cards.

Analysis showed the parrot had used appropriate keywords three times more often than would be likely by chance.

This was despite the researchers discounting responses like “What ya doing on the phone?” when N’kisi saw a card of a man with a telephone, and “Can I give you a hug?” with one of a couple embracing.

Entire article worth reading.

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2 Responses to “Parrot amazes scientists, shows signs of telepathy”


Many African greys have vocabularies over 100 words & can hold up their end of a conversation. Some are snarky, too: a pet store owner told us about a customer who would bring in his grey for (I think) grooming and/or boarding. He liked being out on the floor, so that’s where he would stay during his visits. People would see the bird and ask it, “Can you talk?”

The bird would respond, “Of course I can talk. Can you fly?”


Hahaha! My kind of bird.

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