The horror of the Halloween remake

<  The horror of the Halloween remake

The always excellent FinalGirl has the extremely long cast list for Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween in the works for 2007.

Her (warning: spoiler) post carries this tidbit:

He hates his teenage sister, his stripper mother, and her abusive boyfriend Ronnie. He is, however, protective and very attached to his baby sister, who he calls Boo.

His stripper mother? The original Halloween did not go in-depth into the socio-economic background of Michael, but he clearly grew up in a nice, quiet, middleclass suburban home.

In other words, the monster within him was from a fairly normal middleclass family. That to me, makes Michael even scarier.

This latest version by Zombie brings an unnecessary level of class-ism into one of the greatest horror series of all time. His stripper mom and the constant mocking of him by others? Please. Zombie claims to be a huge fan of John Carpenter’s Halloween. I find it hard to believe he even watched it. He certainly didn’t pay attention to the details.

Not only that, but by “humanizing” Michael, it eliminates the mystery about what lurks behind the mask. Michael is more than a serial killer. He’s the shape half-seen from the corner of the eye. He’s the monster lurking under the bed and behind the imagination. He’s unstoppable and you don’t know why he kills other than he is pure evil.

The casting call makes it sound like Zombie is simply going to do a variation of The Devil’s Rejects with a slight Halloween twist. The description of Michael as a stringy-haired kid who likes torturing animals after his school mates mock him for having a stripper mom is banal.

This is going to be the worst Halloween movie yet and that’s saying something.

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One Response to “The horror of the Halloween remake”


It’s just. All. WRONG.

How completely boring. The essence of what made Halloween so great and lasting won’t be there at all…this plot could be pulled from a seedier episode of Forensic Files or something.


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