I was late to the long black limo parade

<  I was late to the long black limo parade

But I’m so grateful that Bravo is showing Six Feet Under. What a terrifically, life affirming show about an undertaking family and their lives. If you have not watched the show before, or even if you have and want to rewatch this amazingly, achingly beautiful show, catch it at BravoTV.

On Mondays, they have a little “mini marathon” of Six Feet Under episodes.

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2 Responses to “I was late to the long black limo parade”


Every time I tried to watch that show, I caught fairly explicit sex scenes. Like, orgy scenes. While not exactly shocking to my poor virgin eyes (::snort::), that wasn’t what I’d hoped the show would be.

So, are you telling me that there’s more to it than orgies?


well harmonyfb…. how can i put it… sex is a part of life! as death, as feelings, as pain, as joy, as people relationships… you’ll find it all there 🙂

fantastic tv show… if all were like this one…..

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