Taking a last look at an amazing life

<  Taking a last look at an amazing life

James Bond had nothing on this real life woman. Helene Deschamps Adams.

French spy, Resistance heroine dies in New York hospital at 85.

Helene Deschamps Adams, a daring World War II spy and French Resistance fighter who saved American fliers from capture and Jews from execution by the Nazis and played a role in secret preparations for Allied invasions of France, has died.

Deschamps Adams, whose espionage derring-do in Nazi-occupied France later became the subject of books and television documentaries, died Saturday at a Manhattan hospital at age 85.

..When asked why she took on the dangerous role of secret agent, “she was fond of saying, ‘I didn’t like the idea of Nazis taking over my country,”‘ her daughter said.

…Studying at a convent when Adolf Hitler invaded France in 1940, she joined the Resistance, beginning a harrowing wartime career as a spy, first for the French Underground and later for the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, or OSS, the wartime forerunner of the CIA, in France and Switzerland.

Her duties ranged from being a courier to gathering information on German troop strength, airfields and coastal installations in preparation for the Allied invasion of southern France in 1944. She rescued downed U.S. fliers before the Nazis could find them and guided groups of Jews to safety across the Spanish border in the Pyrenees mountains.


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Thanks for posting that jill. Good to see you back here.

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