Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Arrrr, ye scurvy dogs. Shiver me timbers ole Cap’n Carnacki almost be forgetting.

And yonder be the site for ye British tars.

[update from protected static: because a day without pirates is like… well… I don’t know. But we’ll have the Pirate filter engaged for the day. All your exclusive MotHV content – piratized!]

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3 Responses to “Talk Like a Pirate Day”


Well, I had Cap’n Crunch today to celebrrrrrate! I wonder if there is a moan like a zombie day?


I love the Pirate Talk filter.

that’s an excellent idea. I once tried to promote a Talk Like a Jane Austen character day, but it was too hard.

protected static

I wanted to keelhaul someone at work today but they wouldn’t let me. And they took my cat o’ nine tails… Something about HR policies and liability insurance, blah blah blah.

Oh well; there’s always next year.

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