Curt’s report on Fanex

<  Curt’s report on Fanex

Curt has a groovy report on his first trip to a convention where he got to meet a lot of his online friends. Well worth the click even without the good picture of Curt eating sushi.

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4 Responses to “Curt’s report on Fanex”


I think it would be awesome to meet my online friends!!!


That’d be cool. I’ve organized two meetups and it is truly wonderful to meet the people you know online, like the human animal needs that human interaction. To me the kind of funny thing is the lurkers who never comment tend to speak the most and be the coolest people in face-to-face meetings.


Well, it is difficult to express any kind of feeling through email without chancing that people may take it the wrong way. I have noticed on my Site Meter that I have a lot of lurkers on my site myself that never comment.


Thanks for the link, Ben! It was sure a fun weekend. Were yours political gatherings?

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