Well, Hello…

<  Well, Hello…

Angelique here. I’m the new vampire on the block here at MoHV. I call myself a dampire and like to be called a social anthropologist in my spare time. Why ‘dampire’, you ask? Well, it sounds best as it rolls off the tongue when referring to a vampire who is also a lesbian (dyke + vampire = dampire). What self-respecting lesbian vampire would want to be called a ‘lespire’ or a ‘vampbian’? Really.

Vampires have been given many names. Everything from Ahga in neolithic times to Vepir, Upyr, Lilu, Akhkharu, Strix, Strigoi, Nyakang and Utukku in the millenia following. I’ll use the word ‘vampire’ here on MoHV, because it tends to be common enough in today’s world to describe a being who finds nourishment from another being’s fluids in one fashion or another.

Vampires fascinate humans for many reasons, but one of the main attractions is that the vampire cheats death. Add to this a vampire’s erotic power and unconventional behavior and you have a tempting cocktail that is almost impossible to ignore in societies where to be ‘normal’ is to be ‘accepted’.

I think that’s enough for now. Maybe I’ll see you soon…

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2 Responses to “Well, Hello…”


Welcome to the neighborhood! I recently read ANGELIQUE by Sergeanne Golon–any connection?


Thank you, Curt. I remember reading that series when I was stuck in my crypt waiting out the Nixon years. It seems that the authors based it somewhat on my iife during that century, but I ‘persuaded’ them out of any references to my ‘nature’ after the first printing. They still have the bars on their windows and I haven’t visited them in decades…

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