Bloggers of the night! What sweet posts they write…

<  Bloggers of the night! What sweet posts they write…

It has been too long since I’ve done a round up of my fellow horror blogger posts. The horror of war has cast a shadow of late over the fictional horror I love.

With that said, follow me into the shelter and comfort of my dusty and spiderweb draped crypt. Bring that candle over here. Sit beside me as I set the exhibits before you on top of this coffin. The occupant won’t mind. Let us see what I’ve collected.

Bibi links to German Expressionist films, including Nosferatu, The Golem and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Curt at the Groovy Age of Horror interviews Mark Ricketts about his graphic novel Night Trippers. Check out the interview here and his review of Night Trippers here. Both are well worth the click of the link.

Stacie brings us Silent Hill horror over at FinalGirl. And do not miss her match made in heaven. Zombies are always in style.

Cavan at The CavBlog finds us a nice set of Most Haunted coasters and key rings. I’m looking forward to The CavBlog mouse pad.

Mark at Exclamation Mark’s Vintage SciFi/Horror Reviews unleashes his claws and takes a bite out of Reptillicus.

Taliesin of Taliesin meets the vampires introduces us to Vampirates, perhaps the greatest concept ever for a children’s book series.

Ghost Droppings brings us some perfect Halloween decorations (it’s never too early to decorate for Halloween).

Kevin of Ghost in the Machine rounds of Comic-Con news so I don’t have to.

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5 Responses to “Bloggers of the night! What sweet posts they write…”


Thanks for the mention, Ben! Imagine my surprise when I started getting hits from SKIPPY THE BUSH KANGAROO!!! How many lefty blogs/sites do you write for?


I’m down to four.


I was wrong. Six — although I’ve cut back on two of them.

protected static

I hadn’t realized it was that many. Let’s see: dkos, street prophets, skippy, my left wing, booman & …? I know I got at least 2 of those 5 right 😉


I don’t post there often. DKos, skippy, booman, political cortex, wv grassroots for democracy, my left wing, street prophets. Wait, that’s seven. I’m spread way too thin. Granted, I don’t post at all of them with any regularity and I cross post a lot. I need to drop some.

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