Russian military to use giant robots

<  Russian military to use giant robots

Russian President Vladimir Putin answered questions sent in by Internet users. From The Moscow Times:

The two journalists who hosted the 130-minute webcast had largely ignored the top-rated questions submitted online from around the world, focusing instead on foreign and domestic policy issues.

“Yes, we will use the latest technical devices. Already now they are being stationed, for example, in the southern parts of our country,” Putin said when reporters asked him after the conference whether Russia planned to use “gigantic, humanoid war robots” to defend itself.

Asked to elaborate about what he meant, Putin said: “These are unmanned aerial vehicles. And maybe the time will come for gigantic robots. However, so far we have put our main hope on people — namely border guards,” Putin said, Kommersant reported.

Asked about the possible awakening of the giant mythical octopus Cthulhu, the fourth-most popular question among the more than 150,000 sent to Putin, he said that he believed something more serious was behind the question. Cthulhu was invented by novelist H.P. Lovecraft and was said to be sleeping beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Putin said he viewed mysterious forces with suspicion and advised those who took them seriously to read the Bible, Koran or other religious books.

Notice Putin did not deny Cthulhu’s rising. The former KGB also did not reveal whether the giant humanoid robots will be employed to take on Cthulhu when the terrible, tentacled one awakens. Probably because he knows the robots will be in capable of defending humanity from our ocean-dwelling doom.

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some loser from

Man! U need to say of the drugs, stop watching star trek and get a job!

[edited by protected static: dude, you\’re the one googling \”giant military robots\”…]



That would have been so cool if Star Trek had worked in a Cthulhu reference. Unfortunately they didn’t.

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