Underwater city of the dead

<  Underwater city of the dead

From Forbes:

This Disneyland for the dead is the curious fixation of Gary Levine, 58, who used to build docks and seawalls but is a bit new to the burial business. Once it’s complete, the site will span 15 acres of ocean floor and consist of five concentric circles, based loosely on an account of Atlantis in Plato’s dialogue Timaeus. Levine has planned 40 themed areas, including love, education, the military and the zodiac, all overseen by a bronze display of winged lions and three dolphins pulling a chariot of the Greek sea god, Poseidon.

Just cremate me and scatter my ashes on a beach. Much cheaper and more dignified than an underwater cemetery theme park.

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2 Responses to “Underwater city of the dead”

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I’ve always thought Judaism had something w/ their burial rites: no embalming, a plain white shroud, and an unadorned pine box… Of course, that first part certainly goes a long way towards explaining the need to bury the corpse within 24 hours.


My goal is to have a body that still operates when it’s time to bury me but I feel like an old beatup pickup truck with parts falling off, other parts rusting off with wornout tires and failing brakes.

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